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Markyubio Shanghai Food and Animal nutrition Consulting

About US

1.Who we are

MarkyubioShanghaiFood and Animal nutrition Co., Ltd mainly focus on providing the consultation and integrating works of technology, management, brand image and engineering equipment in the field of biology, food, fermentation and animal nutrition. The experts in the enterprise have experience for more than 25 years with strong abilities to identify demand and integrate resources. The entire company have the ability to provide the comprehensive consultations within the related areas for domestic and international clients.


2.What we can do for you

——Finding the right path and direction during the startup period

——Brand creation

——Strategy formulation and implementation

——How to create a market-driven organization

——Effective information and e-commerce system

——Establishing an organizational structure that fit for the strategy

——High talent headhunting

——Marketing systems and customer experience systems

——International market development

——Intellectual property management

——Equity financing

——High-end technology docking in the industry

——Intelligent production system

——Sustainable Development


3.Our Philosophy

We only provide consulting services for industries we are familiar with, specifically for biotechnology, food, health food, bio-fermentation, animal nutrition, additives and other industries.

Our philosophy:

——Uniting the entire industrial chain; Integrating industries resources; Sharing latest technology and management experience.

——Our success is depending on our professional background.

——To be your personal professional assistant



Flexible payment method as followed:

——by service time​

——by project

——annual membership

5.Our ability

——The experts in bio-fermentation technology, animal nutrition and food formulation

——Professional in enterprise operation management

——European and American biotechnology partners

——Team of experts in construction of automatic fermentation plant

——IP consultant team

——Enterprise Information and e-commerce platform construction

——Offshore registration and financial advisory team

——Brand design and management team

——Marketing team in the field of biology, food, fermentation and animal nutritions

——Quality control engineer team


ShanghaiMarkyubio-tech Co.,Ltd | Suzhou Markyu bio-tech co., Ltd

Tel:  400-822-9655/0086-512-65289628

+ 86-15850006429 

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