Better Health & Sleep From Improving Your Sleep Position?
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A lot depends on how you sleep. Though we don’t think about it much, research has proved time, and again that good sleep can do miracles for the mind, body, and soul! It has a harmonizing effect on the body and can cure many ailments. Let’s check how?
For people who take a good eight hours sleep, there is less to worry! But for those who struggle with sleep and face sleep tantrums or are insomniacs, it’s time to ponder, “does it have something to do with your sleeping posture”?
Also, so much has already been said about sleeping practices and sleeping postures that we now take it for granted. But it’s time we start paying heed to sleep positions once again. Read on.
Sleep in a carefree manner, to be Carefree:
When you hit the couch, the first thing to be extra careful about is to be entirely stress-free.  
Leave your worries, tensions, agonies, and frustrations outside, before entering your bedroom. This is important as giving heed and paying attention to your problems doubles it.
All you will end up with is insomnia and a disturbed sleep routine. 
Develop a Routine
The second most important thing to keep in mind is to develop a sleep routine. This is extremely important. Believe in the maxim, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” This should become the mantra for a healthy life.  
Not only will it aid in developing a good routine and schedule, but it will also help in time in developing a proper sleeping posture (when continued for a longer time, because you will start getting used to it). It will also help to manage your day constructively.  
Create the right atmosphere and sleep snugly in the right posture
Before sleeping, it is essential to create a conducive ambiance to help you get sleepy. Exert yourself to the maximum, make the most of your day; so that you are coaxed to sleep.  Together with this discover your best sleeping posture (sideways, back sleeping or even curled-up in the bed).
A good sleeping posture goes a long way to help you get the best sleep and for an ample (the much-needed sleep)duration. This will help in relaxation, remove tiredness and enthuse a fresh surge of energy, passion and renewed power towards work and accomplishments.
So, all said and done, what are the best sleeping positions?
Yes, this is important!
Many people are not aware that good sleep depends upon how one sleeps? (In which position?)
The best way is to sleep sideways.  
The positives of side-sleeping
Sleeping on one’s side and that too, preferably on one’s left helps to improve health, combat illnesses and achieve growth.  
Many studies have proved that sleeping sideways also makes the brain active, cognition faster and helps in the proper functioning of psycho-motor organs (psycho-motor skills have got, to do with kinesthetic skills like running, moving, walking, cooking, painting, etc., that is, all those things which can be done using one’s hands and legs).  
Side-sleeping is also advised for bringing a calming and lulling effect. It enables one to forget about all the problems and focus on sleeping. It drives one to sleep. A person is allowed to sleep faster when nothing crosses his mind.
Sleeping on the left side also improves health and skin. Not only one wakes up feeling rejuvenated, but it also helps in healing many psycho-somatic disorders, which may aggravate skin disorders, lead to hormonal imbalances and depression.
Good sleep and a healthy sleeping posture are the essential factors to cure depression, insomnia, and lethargy.
Back-Sleeping: Pros and Cons
Another common way, people tend to sleep is sleeping on one’s back. This is the most common way people fall asleep. Though it helps to flatten one’s back and straighten one’s spine, it does create some amount of gap between the lower back and hip region which isn’t right.  
Sleeping flat on your back can have its share of problems. The biggest ones are snoring and sleep apnea. These can be cured if one gets into the habit of sleeping side-ways which as discussed, is the best way to get rid of most of the sleep-related problems.
Sleeping continuously on one’s back may cause long-term problems like backache, crooked spine and disrupted back. Such problems are revealed at a later age, and one often gets to know about them very late, at times, when the damage is done; so, it is best advised to be extra cautious and take sufficient care, since the very start.
Many people crash wherever they like; in whichever position they want. This is not good either. Good sleep also needs planning like other things. Just as we pay attention to other things in our life, we should also be concerned about “HOW WE SLEEP”?
Sleeping on one’s belly 
Sleeping on one’s stomach is not a good idea at all. Not only does it lead to neck and backache problems, but it also puts a lot of pressure on one’s muscles (which is not good).  
Also, it gives the feeling of not getting ample sleep at all. One wakes up feeling drained, sluggish and tired. This completely defeats the purpose of sleeping. On the contrary, sleeping flat on the back is a much better option compared to sleeping with your belly tucked-in.
Try some Sleeping Hacks
It’s time for a few helpful tips to get the best and much-required sleep. Together with the best sleeping position, a few sleeping paraphernalia and accessories like soft pillows, soft quilts, best mattress toppers also make the much-needed difference!
Make use of pillows extensively. There is a reason they are there in the first place. Prop pillows behind your neck, between your legs, under your back and, so that it doesn’t give you a stiff joint or muscle pain. In fact, pillows can be put anywhere and everywhere to make sleep easy and less cumbersome.  
Make use of soft linens
To support your sleeping posture (either side-ways or curled, on your front or your back), it is also important to use soft bed-sheets and upholstery. Everybody likes the touch and feel of softness. So, use soft linen to avoid being hurt and also to avoid wrinkles and rashes on your skin.  
It is therefore advised and best recommended to sleep on a soft, yet firm mattress with the best mattress topper for back pain. Not only will it alleviate your sleep problems, but it also won’t let one arise, in the first place!
What Next?
Good sleep is dependent is in your hands. The practices you inculcate results in the kind of sleep you get. “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap.”
By this, what I mean is the way you sleep, is the kind of sleep you will get.
Indulge in the best practices
Always buy a good quality mattress. Never compromise on quality. After all, it's about you. This is where you’ll sleep and rest.
 A good sleeping posture, preferably the one you like together with a good quality mattress, makes it easier for you to get sound sleep which will, in turn, improve your health. Many people buy poor sleeping products, which leads to many sleep problems like insomnia, backache, spine-disorders and in the worst-case scenarios,ailments like arthritis and rheumatism (It is a condition with acute joint-aches and joint issues). This may also become a chronic disorder in the future.
Therefore, always practice prudence as sleep is one of the essential activities and needs total care and attention. It is advised to buy soft and comforting cushion covers made up of good textile and fabric.  
Using the best side sleeper mattress also aids in maintaining a pleasant sleeping posture. Now that you are aware that sleeping postures are a determinant of health, it is advisable to sleep sideways, cozy and deeply snuggled in bed.
Improves Health and Regime
The sleeping pattern improves by taking care of these small steps. As sleeping postures do make a difference, it should be entirely one’s call to choose the right steps and take the required actions, to boost health.  
Sleeping postures not only boosts health and improves immunity (which is pivotal to fight diseases and ailments), it also acts as a shield to protect from any undue and unwanted health hazards. It is a known fact that good sleep determines good health and bad practices can prove detrimental and fatal.  
Spoken much about the same, it is now essential how well we incorporate the best sleeping postures in our lifestyles to elevate our health standards and reach our health goals.  
Last but not least, sleep in a relaxed manner with nothing to worry. Sleeping sideways can help in breathing correctly. It gives a generous amount of much-needed oxygen for our body and brain.
 If one is sleeping in the same posture continuously for a very long duration, one can try changing it; this will make sleeping more comfortable.
The matter of the fact is to get ample sleep and rest. After all, your health should be your priority, which also depends on a good night’s sleep.  

So, Sleep Right and Sleep Tight!