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help you closely integrate resources and solve urgent problems.

headhunting and recruitment​

Serve enterprises with matching the needs of talents in the fields of biology, food, fermentation, animal nutrition and additive etc.


from logo design to trademark management, domain name and patent application, corporate identity system design (CI), corporate culture building and international brand building

Industries news

Our experts collect industries trends, laws and regulations, technological and product information in timely, so as to facilitate enterprises to formulate strategies and product planning.

Import and export data

Import and export data


Top experts, including well-known and authoritative experts at home and abroad, will providing one-to-one expert consultation for you

Intellectual property

Providing all-round services for your enterprise's intellectual property in both domestic and international market

Engineering procurement construction

AI  biological fermentation production line

Marketing system construction

Make a diagnosis for your marketing system with mature  operation, constructing the marketing system in line with the development strategy.

Finding for you 

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