Qingpu! Wujiang! Jiashan! The State Council approved it!
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Principle of the Chinese government network news yesterday, the state council agreed to the Yangtze river delta integration of ecological green development demonstration area overall plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), the approval at the same time, points out that the plan implementation to achieve sustainable development of green economy, high quality life, organic unity, out of a co-construction and sharing across administrative areas, ecological civilization and bring out the best in each other's new economic and social development path.

The State Council agreed in principle to the Yangtze river delta eco-green integrated development demonstration zone

The Yangtze river delta integrated development demonstration zones include qingpu in Shanghai, wujiang in jiangsu and jiashan in zhejiang, and will be constructed in the border zone of the three regions.

The demonstration area will focus on planning management, ecological protection, land management, project management, factor flow, fiscal and tax sharing, public service policy, public credit and other aspects, take the lead in exploring integrated development system innovation in the demonstration area, and form a common code of conduct for regional integrated development. We will strive to build the demonstration area into a new height of reform and opening up, ecological value, innovative economy and quality of living.


For Shanghai, the demonstration zone will, together with the new lingang zone, drive the development pattern of "two wings flying together" in Shanghai, better play the pivotal role of opening up "two sectors" to the outside world and the inside world, and make Shanghai a better platform serving the whole country.

Industry insiders believe that the core task of the Yangtze river delta integrated development demonstration zone is to break down the institutional barriers that hinder the flow of factors and resources, and help the Yangtze river delta integrated development to a new level.

Advantage industry with Yangtze river delta, Shanghai's financial center developed productive service industry and forest of foreign companies, the Internet economy and private manufacturing in zhejiang province, Shanghai, jiangsu strong local governing power and the strong ability of industry to undertake in anhui, makes future Yangtze river delta is expected to promote the country and the world's most dynamic regional industry cluster.