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Majority people have complained and told how they feel tired after eating, and in most cases its during the lunch time. The question is that, has anyone ever felt like asking why this happens. Well the answer is simple and no at all complicated; it is just the way your body tends to behave after the procedure of digestion. There is nothing to worry about as it is a completely normal behavior and happens to pretty much everyone.

The thing which irritates people in this case is that they are unable to perform their tasks due to the laziness which takes over them. No matter how much you try to keep yourself awake and often struggle with keeping your eyes open, it just doesn’t help. However if you feel that whenever you eat something, no matter what time it is you immediately tend to feel sleepy, then this might be something to worry about and to be taken seriously.

Your diet

Whatever you eat plays a major role in how you are feeling after having it. The chemicals present in your body reacts in different ways with different food items, causing you to feel a certain away. If the food you are eating contains the amino acid called tryptophan then get ready to feel dizzy and sleepy. Example of such foods is spinach, soy, eggs, cheese, tofu and fish.

Your sleeping habits
There is nothing weird about feeling sleepy throughout the day if you have not had your good night’s sleep. Eating adds more to feeling somewhat relaxed as if your day is complete, therefore the feeling of tiredness reaches higher levels after you have had your meal for the day.

Physical activity
Exercise is the key to overcome many issues and your sleep is certainly one of them. After exercising you feel relaxed and calm even after a busy and hectic day. It does not only help you to go to sleep at night but it also tends to maintain your energy level throughout the day therefore you are free from the fear of feeling tired after a meal. If your body has no physical activity then you are a clear victim in this case.
Possible result of a health condition
Not every case but there are some cases in which the frequent feeling of sleeping after every meal may be a result of a certain health condition of which you are unaware. There are a lot of medical conditions in which this takes place for example; diabetes, sleep apnea, anemia, celiac disease, underactive thyroid etc. Therefore it is always advised to consult a doctor if you feel that it is not something normal or if there are some weird changes taking place.

Food allergies
Not being able to adjust or tolerate certain food can be another major reason behind feeling tired and sleepy after a meal. In some cases people are fully unaware that they are allergic to some foods causing their body to respond in such a way. It has great impacts on the process of digestion and other activities of your body.

As mentioned above as well that if you are experiencing this on a daily basis then it is high time you talk about this with your doctor, or else the consequences you face in the future could be worse. What you can do along with consulting your doctor is that you can bring about certain changes and additions to you daily routine.

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is really important no matter what. It solves various problems and especially benefits your sleeping habits. You need to make sure that the electrolytes you are taking in are absolutely normal and are approved by experts.
Take time out of your busy schedule and try sleeping throughout the time you have, as it will help improving the sleep. Many people are used to of consuming peanut butter before bed, and this messes up with your sleep a lot therefore try not doing that. If you are someone who makes use of tryptophan sleep aid then there is a very high possibility of you feeling tired and sleepy all day long , even after eating.
Reducing the levels of this amino acid will help solve the problem.
The intake of alcohol has its own benefits and disadvantages depending on the quantity you are taking in and how much of an effect it has on you. Some people are not really affected by it but if you know that the quantity does leave an impact on you then its better to consume a balanced amount. Feeling tired after alcohol is expected. In order to control this situation you need to make sure that you brain hormones and everything else is balanced.
Again, there is nothing wrong in feeling tired after eating unless its unusual for you. However if you are noticing that bringing changes in your daily routine in order to help improve the situation, is not really helping at all, then it is advised to make an appointment with your doctor and explain the experience properly. Do not let things go ignored especially the ones which are directly related to your health and life.